Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pumpkins In The Bathroom

My bathroom is UGLY. Very ugly. It’s the last room in the house that hasn’t been torn out yet. Because we need it still. It has a new toilet in it and everything else is stained and old. I can’t even stand to take pictures of it. Anyway, I saw somewhere online how to make toilet paper pumpkins. I don’t remember where. But, I wanted at least one nice looking thing in that horrible bathroom. Especially since we will probably be having a few guests over after Ella is born. Which happens to be tomorrow. Oh my goodness. Tomorrow! Wow… It’s a scheduled c-section so at 9:30 on October 9th, I will be wheeled into surgery. Terrifying!! Okay where was I…. My pumpkins!!


Don’t you just love the GORGOUS tile? Believe it or not it goes all the way to the ceiling in a million colors.


Can you tell I got a new camera? I thought so. Look how clear my pictures are!! I love my hand twisted copper vines. I picked the sticks off our peach tree. I told my husband I found them on the ground when he asked.

Are you still interested in what the rest of the outhouse bathroom looks like? Okay…


We do NOT use this shower in case anyone was wondering. The faucet is literally falling out of the wall.


I love the lovely mix of colors. It looks like someone barfed up the ocean.


I know you can’t see it too well, but that little gold hook just makes me think of all the Neat things I could hang from it.

Okay that’s about it for now.


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