Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I had some really good ideas waiting for me in my comments!

Norma from Norma Lee Good had this great idea- put it in your laundry room for brooms, yardsticks, ohhh wrapping paper!!

Then I read this one that Emily from Emily's World- You could turn it into a quilt holder we some dowls. You could even easily drill holes into it to make them snug and then hang quilts or any other extra blankets.

My hubbs and I were talking about it last night before we went to bed and were thinking maybe a towel rack in the bathroom.

Then this morning I came on and read this comment left by Linda the brains behind the Stumped Party and Craftaholics Anonymous- You could also put dowel/rods across and get J hooks and hang buckets and bins on it to store all your hubby's balls, legos, and oh-so-fun memorabilia.

This is the one that got me soooo excited. It’s perfect because we always need more storage with all the little things my hubbs keeps bringing into the house. You can get little buckets really cheap at the dollar store, for only like… A dollar! LOL. But, we could put it in my son’s room, or an idea that just came to me, the kids bathroom for their little soaps or bath toys, hair things or whatever. Hmmm the possibilities. We’ll just have to wait and see! Thanks so much Linda for hosting such a neat party and the amazing advice!

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