Monday, January 11, 2010

What do I do with THIS?

Today I’m joining Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous for her Stumped Party.


First off, let me just say my husband will not get rid of any of his childhood things. For example…IMG_3335

This, I like. Christopher likes it. It’s fun.


Chalk?! My husband is 25 years old. Why in the world would you bring 20 or so year old chalk to your new home? In a cookie tin.


Balls. I took out 3 for this picture. There is about 30 more differnt kinds of balls that he has saved. Balls from kids meal toys that he refuses to get rid of.


These are cool. I cannot believe they look brand new. I just wish he hadn’t brought it all in Christopher room at once.


Oh my goodness look at they dust. I have an excuse. We have concrete floors throughout our whole house. Dusting is a daily chore that I don’t have time to do daily. Plus it help me see if he’s been climbing on his bookshelf. LOL. That was just a joke.


I hate this ugly football man. My husband loves it. So here it sits. At least it’s not in our room.


The box of legos my husband brought into my sons room last night.

And this…

This was my husbands.


For guns I guess. I don’t want guns hanging around my house. Not really my type of decoration. The only idea I have come up with is to hang dowels and use it for my ribbon. But, my ribbon is already organized into boxes so it wouldn’t be as useful as it could be.

IMG_3332 IMG_3333

It hangs on the wall. Obviously. LOL. Other than that there’s not much I can say about it.

Any ideas please!?



  1. OH my husband would feel your pain. My mom saved EVERY toy we played with but she had the house for all of that. None of my sisters and I do but we are getting these toys now. I have my strawberry shortcakes, care bares etc. And I have a boy. I am glad mom saved most of my toys but I think she probably should have not saved the Happy Meal toys. Seriously.

    GUn rack- I'm a Texas girl so I have seen some things with this:
    1. baseball bat rack= in the garage or your sons room
    2. something like this anyway
    3. put it in your laundry room for brooms, yardsticks, ohhh wrapping paper!!

  2. Stumbled onto your blog today from Craft-a-holics anonymous. You could turn it into a quilt holder we some dowls. You could even easily drill holes into it to make them snug and then hang quilts or any other extra blankets.

  3. Hi Jami Lynn,
    Thanks for joining the party! Looks like you got your hands full :) There are a lot of possibilities for your gun rack, like norma lee said, wrapping paper and not just christmas wrapping paper. You could put celophane on it (I use that stuff all the time for gifts). I also like Emily's idea for a quilt/blanket holder. I know I have a bajillion blankets now after having a baby! You could also put dowel/rods across and get J hooks and hang buckets and bins on it to store all your hubby's balls, legos, and oh-so-fun memorabilia. (I won't lie, the chalk made me laugh!) To spruce up your lovely gun rack, you could easily do a lovely distressing technique on it because it's wood. What you could do is paint it white, sand the edges, then wipe a dark stain over the entire thing to make it an off white with dark distressing. Would look fab. Anyways, good luck! Can't wait to see what you do!

  4. Hello! To piggyback off some of the other posters- if you used skinny dowel rods, you could also use it as a magazine rack. (The magazines would hang over the rod). You could also hang it in a closet (if there's room) and maybe use it for tie storage.


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