Friday, February 26, 2010

Dorky Easter Pants

I went to the Dollar Store last night and I found this jacket.


A jacket what? Yeah. I loved the buttons on the sleeve and decided to make my son some pants out of them. I love dressing my son like a nerd.

Here they are. All in their super wrinkled glory.

 IMG_3756 IMG_3762IMG_3758 IMG_3761

There too small for elastic and I have to help him put them on, but they’re just so dorky! I love them! I’m thinking about making a matching vest with the rest of the jacket.



  1. Hi Jami!

    Check this out and send us an e-mail when you get a chance! Susan

  2. That's amazing! A shirt at the dollar store??!! You made great pants. Very cute.

    Thanks for following me!

  3. That is so freaking cute and creative!

    I have a suprise for you at my blog :-)


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