Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catching Leprechauns…

I haven’t done any decorating for St. Patrick's day. It’s too short a time period for me to spend my time getting into it. But, today my son and I decided we were going to build a leprechaun trap.

We just used an old Nesquik container, some dirt mixed with glue, sticks, rocks, some moss from the Dollar Tree, and some other things I had laying around the house for the gold.

IMG_3941IMG_3942IMG_3943IMG_3945    IMG_3944 The lid has a hole cut in it so the little guy will fall in. I think it’s so cute! Christopher kept showing me what was going to happen with a little gold fuzzy. Climbing up the ladder, doodoodoo, opps he fell in, and would drop the gold in. So our little pot has less gold in it than it started with.

I remember in Kindergarten, the teacher put green footprints all over our tables. It was the neatest thing.


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  1. Um, you rock at being a Mom! :) We just used a shoe box and a pencil to hold it up! :) I did get some gold coins though, I might gain some points with that! :)

    Great job though, I love it!


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