Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Projects, thrift finds, and goings on…

I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I have been busy with projects. We got our granite countertops in our kitchen and master bathroom. It is sooo nice having a working kitchen. I’ll have to post the pictures of the kitchen in a different post because I forgot that I didn’t have pictures of it after we put the faucet in on my computer.

But, I LOVE my bathroom!

IMG_4092I don’t love the handfuls of dirt taken out of my plant and sprinkled all over the toilet…IMG_4096  I know it’s better to not have these things sitting on your counter, but since we don’t have much drawer space, we have to. I love this rusted mason jar top I found in the garage.IMG_4094 IMG_4095My husband got me this plant for Valentines Day, and they shells were in his collection that I didn’t want to keep taking up space in the garage.


I painted this table that I bought off craigslist for 25 bucks. While peeling, scraping, and sanding the multiple layers of green paint off I started to think I paid too much.


But, I do love the way it turned out. I needed some color in my all neutral house.


I snagged this little candle holder thing from my sisters house before it was taken to the dump and it had been sitting in my garage. I think it looks cute with the little nest in it. The eggs were  super small plastic eggs from last Easter. Then just sat it on the little candle holder thingy I got last year from the Salvation Army.

 IMG_4089 My husband doesn’t really like this. He thinks it should be hanging on the wall, but I didn’t paint enough on the glass for that. Just one egg.


I think its kinda cute. For now at least.



I made some lumpy pillows.


  Did a freezer paper stencil for the first time.IMG_4098


The were all made with old pillowcases and a bed skirt with scraps of fabric I had laying around.

IMG_4102 I repainted this old magazine rack my Grandma gave me.


And some frames from the Dollar Tree.


My husband watched the kids while I spent my Easter money at the thrift store. IMG_4105

I found this cute frame for my daughters room.

IMG_4107  IMG_4106

And this cute dress form jewelry holder. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but it matches her room.


I also found this. I’m not sure what it is/was, but I already turned it into something cute for our kitchen!


While “Menu” might not necessarily apply, it’s for pinning our recipes to while my husband and I cook. We print a lot off the computer and they get all splattered on and yucky.


I love the black design that was already painted on there!


Hand painted the “Menu”. I sure wish I had a Cricut machine!!!

My baby girl has been sick the past week, so when she was napping I found the time to do projects, just not post them. Sooo…. There you go! All caught up. Almost. There are a few things missing here and there.




  1. you HAVE been busy! I love it all, but that pink frame! I love it! Did you see mine today? I love beadboard!

  2. Cute stuff!! Thanks for linking up to Whatever Goes Wednesday at Someday Crafts!

  3. You have been a busy bee! I love it all, but especially the pillow you made with the freezer paper stencil. I'm a sucker for anything with burlap and birds. :)

  4. Busy busy! Thanks for stopping by; so nice to meet you! -shaunna :)

  5. Love this! I would love for you to come link up over at my blog! I've got prizes :)

  6. That's great. Thanks for sharing!
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  7. Everything looks so great!
    Nice work!!!

    Thanks for entering the giveaway!
    Good luck.

  8. Jamie,
    If you want to try Julia's recipes...I would REALLY suggest reading the book my life in France. I am SO not a cook, but reading that book made me want to read Mastering from cover to cover! I understood things so much better and knew which recipes I wanted to try!!! GOOD LUCk (also, doing a dinner with friends you get to try multiple recipes at once!!!)

  9. I like your menuboard! It's cute. Thanks for sharing. Like your blog also so I became your follower.

    Take care.
    Maksi from the Netherlands.

  10. You are so talented! Those are awesome! Good job and I am totally jealous!

  11. i love using canning jars around the house!! Love it!

  12. Just wanted to let you know that you were the runner-up in my giveaway at madebyheidi.blogspot.com!

    Contact me for details... I tried emailing you, but it said your email is invalid.


  13. Wow, you stay busy w/ the crafts! Love the bird pillow.
    Thanks for entering my muffin tin giveaway! :-)


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